10 Things to Do When Presenting To Your Boss

1. Make your side clear

There will be annoying if you talk too much on the same data for more than 20 minutes. You should be clear in explaining on which side you are in. It is better for you to get the presentation training to improve how to explain clearly.

2. Show the real you

In a day long, your boss may be tired to look good in front of his employee. Moreover, if your presentation is not attractive then it will make him more tired. Show the real you.

3. Straight to the point

Your boss may be busy and doesn’t have much time. It will be better if you go straight to the point. Convey the message right away just like in the presentation.

4. Get them thinking

There are no people who will enjoy sitting for long time and listening to the presentation. It is better for you sometimes to give questions or to get them thinking even with your boss.

5. Surprise them

Your boss perhaps is bored with the presentations which may be almost the same. You have the chances to inspire, engage and enlighten your boss. There are many trainings, you will learn to tell the great stories, make them curious and laugh.

6. Ask them what they feel

We can say that most of the presentations on business are boring. While you are presenting, sometimes, ask them about what they feel.

7. Spoken word is greater

Make sure your boss, at least, only read your slide when you are presenting. If you ask them to read, that’s mean you are not presenting. It is said that spoken word has greater effect than the written one.

8. Focus to make better and stronger

Everybody wants to look good in front of others. However, you should still focus on everything you can help the company better and stronger. That will impress your boss.

9. Play nicely

Just like when you were little, you like playing. You may learn to play as well but it should be done nicely. Relax, smile and have sense of humor will be a plus for you in your presentation.

10. Clear out of your mind

When having presentation, make sure in your mind is all about the presentation. Don’t think about any others. Even many professional has problem with this. As soon as you enter the room, get out the thoughts which don’t have relation with the presentation.

Start Your Startup with the Help from Koh Management

When you are about to run your business in Singapore, getting the help from startup incorporation services may be something you should consider. Your startup is a legal entity which has many business dealings to manage as well as important assets to protect. Hence, if it’s a new thing for you who just start engaging to business work, the help from the professional will be the wisest thing to get rid many hassle stuffs of your way.

Koh Management – Company Incorporation Services

Koh Management is one of the best startup incorporation services in Singapore which can help you handling the registration process for your new company. In brief, Koh Management will focus to ensure that all the relevant documents required for registering your startup company legally has been done properly. These include:

  1. M&AA and relevant documents which protects the shareholders and directors
  2. All paper documentations which are prepared to resolve any disputes which may come up
  3. The compliance requirements

Why Koh Management will be helpful for your Startup?

A new startup may not come as a big scale company with abundant budget in the first place. So, you may wonder is it worth the price to ask for some help from Koh Management startup incorporation services? The answer is yes! The great thing about Koh Management is that it is open to discuss the company registration services packages which will be tailored to suit your startup’s budget. All in all, it’s not only helpful but very understanding partner for your startup company.

What you should prepare for the registration process?

Even if Koh Management will assist you from the pre-registration to the post-registration, it will need you to prepare some documents from your startup business in advanced. Those documents are:

  1. The Company Name. It’s importing to submit your startup company name in the registration. Make sure the company has the name’s choice which is still available and not too similar to any existing companies.
  2. Business Activity. Define what your business is mainly dealing in. You can look at the list by Singapore Standard Industrial Classification Code (SSIC) as a reference.
  3. Shareholding of the Company. When there are 2 or more shareholders, determine how many shares and percentage each person will get.
  4. Director and Shareholders Contact and Details.
  5. Registered Address. It is where all mails will be sent to.

With this interesting offer, you should not be hesitant anymore and contact the customer service of Koh Management via email in [email protected] or phone: 62569663 / 98638665.